FarmVille: Discover all the parts of the Ancient Harvest Quest

The missions were released this weekend, and we have already found out all the details for you! Zynga has only given three days for these tasks, which will probably be enough time. Remember, you can receive free gifts and help on our Link Exchange! You can get water, fertilizer, and tons of items to complete your missions! :)



These missions have yet to be discovered. We recommend that you begin getting as many items as possible in advance. It’s always frustrating to have to use Speed-grow. But don’t forget that you can get free Facebook credits on our page here!

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Grandpa’s Soil Secret: Ancient Harvest 1 of 4

The original FarmVille settlers survived off the land and made clever use of fertilizer. Here’s how they did it in the old days!

  1. Harvest 4 Apple Trees to live off the land.
  2. Fertilize 20 Crops like they did in ancient times.
  3. Tend your Hen House for extra eggs.

An Old Seed: Ancient Harvest 2 of 4

Painted Hill Corn is a very ancient and delicious variety of corn first domesticated thousands of years ago. What was life like back then?

  1. Study 5 Arrowheads.
  2. Harvest 30 Painted Hill Corn.
  3. Make 2 Corn Puddings.

Thorny Old Farmers – Ancient Harvest 3 of 4

Nettles are a wild and hard to find scavenged food, but they make a tasty broth! Let me show you how to make it!

  1. Gather a few Nettles.
  2. Harvest a few Onions.
  3. Craft a few Broth.

Grandma’s Soup – Ancient Harvest 4 of 4

Nobody knows when tomatoes were first cultivated, but let’s thank goodness for the most delicious and versatile fruit ever!

  1. Tend your Furnace a few times for extra power.
  2. Craft a few Tomato Soup.
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