ChefVille: Discover how to unlock 2 instant thymes + 1 painting today!

Check out these 4 brand new quests, just released this morning! Remember, you can use our link exchange to finish them fast. We have all the details you need to level-up faster and unlock these 2 Instant Thymes in no time. Plus we managed to get an image of the brand new exclusive painting you will be able to unlock! What do you think of these rewards? Do you feel like playing ChefVille today? We bet you will! If you need to level-up faster, use our link exchange and Bonus Hoover to start off with tons of free gifts! And if you need neighbors, take a look here :)

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Country Girl, City World

When you visit the city you can explore, try foods, or even get political. It’s a one-stop shop! You can even earn special CityVille 2 rewards!

  1. Get to Level 4 in CityVille 2
  2. Harvest 10 Wild Mushrooms
  3. Collect 6 Mayor Campaigning Pins -use our link exchange

Reward : 5 XP +15 coins + 2 Unsalted Butter

From Farm to Table

Visit the city to find out what people want to eat, then let’s be sure there’s plenty to go around. How does that sound, sunflower?

  • Get to level 6 in CityVille 2
  • Cook 5 dishes that use Wild Mushrooms
  • Plant 1 bunch of wild onions

Reward: Yellow Bell Peppe+ 3 asparagus+3 corn

An Official Request

It’s pretty tough having my job in such a big, bustling city. I hope you can help me out. Besides, it’s nice to have the police on your side

  1. Get to Level 8 in CityVille 2
  2. Tend 6 milk trucks in neighbor’s restaurant
  3. Harvest 10 wild onions

Reward :2 Instant thyme + 1 egg and 5 XP

Share the City

Share your city memories with your friends, but be sure to keep the plates full at your restaurant. Your new city fans will be lining up to visit!

  • Get to Level 10 in CityVille 2
  • Serve 10 Wild Mushroom Salads in ChefVille
  • Visit 8 Neighbors
Reward : + 1 painting

Reward : unknown

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