ChefVille: Discover how to get this Autumn Cooker!

Finally, fall is here and with it comes a brand new Autumn Cooker for your restaurants as well as some delicious autumn-themed recipes to boot! Read on to get all the details about how to complete the Spirit of Autumn goals given by Ginger. Remember to go to our link exchange if you need help completing some of these goals :)

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Goal: The Crisp Autumn Air

All seasons need delicious food! Add a Autumn Cooker to your restaurant so that we’ll have a place to build the biggest sandwich in history!

Task 1: Place and finish Autumn Cooker
Task 2: Serve 5 Autumn Spice Soup
Task 3: Cook 1 Seasonal Beef Skewers

Rewards: + 50 coins, + 20 XP, + 2 Pumpkins

Goal: Fall on Display

We’ll need to decorate the area to accentuate your pumpkin and cranberry garden!”

Task 1: Harvest 1 Pumpkin from Pumpkin Haybale
Task 2: Buy 3 Decorations
Task 3: Serve 2 Seasonal Beef Skewers

Rewards: + 20 XP, + 2 Pumpkins


Goal: Leaf Pile

Let’s satiate our customers desire for autumn themed dishes and collect the falling leaves! Pumpkins and cranberries await!

Task 1: Earn 1 Mastery Star on Seasonal Beef Skewers
Task 2: Serve 8 Fall Club Melts
Task 3: Ask for 4 Fall Leaves

Reward: 15 Pumpkins, 5 Cranberries, 1 Instant Thyme