CHEFVILLE: Earlier today, we released the [UNRELEASED] news about the new “Open Field” Expansion which will allow your restaurant to grow. Ginger wants you to help her on a journey through the woods to unlock this beautiful field of Lilacs! If you missed this news, read about it here! Now, we come to you with even MORE information! We have the full missions details that will lead you to unlock this “Open Field” as well as the NEW outdoor table as a decoration prize! If you want to know how, just keep reading! If you are needing help completing missions, just stop by our Chefville Link Exchange to get your items fast!

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Lilac and Relax 1 of 4: The Nature of Food

“While I search the countryside for the Open Fields, make your restaurant au naturale with some lovely plants and get ready for the expansion!”

  • Task 1: Place 5 Plant decor to add some floral scent
  • Task 2: Cook 2 Garden Salad on the Salad Station
  • Task 3: Tend 10 neighbors’ ingredient supplies

Lilac and Relax 2 of 4: The Purple Path

“Once I find the Open Fields, I’ll want to come at once to let you know, so let’s leave a pretty little path, daisy.”

  • Task 1: Gather fresh ingredients from 10 ingredient supplies
  • Task 2: Place 20 Stone Grass Tiles to create a path!
  • Task 3: Cook 2 Creamy Broccoli Soup to go with the salad!

Lilac and Relax 3 of 4: The Power of Flowers

“If you’re coming to the Field with me, be sure to let your customers know! Flowers are great for this kind of news. Salads work, too.”

  • Task 1: Give 6 Roses to your customers
  • Task 2: Get 4 Flower Cards from your friends!
  • Task 3: Serve 2 Caesar Salads from the Salad Station
Lilac and Relax 4 of 4: Flower Fandom

“Your customers love fresh ingredients, so let’s celebrate the Open Field with fresh flowers! I can almost taste the harmony.”

  • Task 1: Expand to the Open Field expansion area
  • Task 2: Serve 3 Classic Tomato Soup from the Soup Station
  • Task 3: Gather 15 Mixed Greens from the Lilac Bushes