CHEFVILLE: You just got ALL the details on how to expand to Maria’s NEW Garden plot… in case you missed it, read up on it here! Now, Maria wants to get this Mexican Fiesta in FULL swing by having you create some NEW Mexican themed dishes! We have the details for this new mission below so GET AHEAD NOW! Need help getting ingredients? NO PROBLEM! Visit our rapidly growing Link Exchange to get ingredients FAST!

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Mucho Delicioso 1 of 2 – “Veggie Mex”
You have experienced my farm fresh vegetables, si, now put them together in a delicioso burrito!

  • Task 1: Craft 4 Corn Tortillas on Bread Maker
  • Task 2: Craft 4 batches of Guacamole on the Food Processor
  • Task 3: Cook 2 Veggie Burrito on the Griddle

Mucho Delicioso 2 of 2 – “Queso Grill”
Try your hand at my quesadilla recipe! It may be a simple dish, but it always hits the spot! Do not doubt the queso!

  • Task 1: Collect 6 more Cheddar Cheese
  • Task 2: Serve 3 Cheese Quesadillas from the Grill
  • Task 3: Give 5 Chef’s Services with Cheese Quesadilla