CHEFVILLE: All NEW Soup Missions

Zynga, in their infinite cheffy wisdom, have released a Tomato Sauce Rack. Well, you know we needed one, and it’s better being able to get a Tomato Sauce than having to craft one using the mixer!! No more waiting around!! Don’t forget to use our LINK EXCHANGE and BONUS HOOVER to help gather those material

“Bello’s Windy Warm Up” contains four quests which are outlined below! Dig in!

Eat Up to Warm Up!

  • Place the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Craft 1 Batch of Tomato Sauce
  • Cook 1 Meatball Sandwich

Boiling Point

  • Build the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Tend the Tomato Sauce Rack 2 Times
  • Serve 1 Classic Tomato Soup
Supply Shortage
  • Cook 8 times with Tomato Sauce
  • Tend 6 neighbors’ Tomato Plants
  • Get Warm Mittens from your friends
A Storm’s Brewing
  • Visit 6 neighbors to warn them about the storm
  • Cook 3 Classic Tomato Soup on the Soup Station
  • Give 12 Chef’s Services with Classic Tomato Soup

As you can imagine, the Tomato Sauce Rack is going to require lots of material to build!! But, as always, you can use our LINK EXCHANGE to get the necessary Tomato Strainers and Ripeness Testers and our BONUS HOOVER to suck those Sauce Stirrers and Sauce Bowls right off your friends’ walls.

We’ll let you know as we find out more of Chefville’s saucy secrets ;-)

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