Here’s a preview of the next World CastleVille Harvest Festival Mission. These tasks are to celebrate the arrival of autumn! :) . The colors are orange based and herald the arrival of Halloween;) There are numerous unlockable awards and buildings!! But you will need lots of items to get through the missions as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebookto stay up-to-date with all the latest Castleville news and get a head start on your neighbors by using our LINK EXCHANGE to begin collecting the necessary materials!!

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Firstly this is a premiere glimpse of the new building which you may be able to  build FREE with the right materials.

Masquerade Fall:1 of 10

Have a Party Pavilion so your Kingdom can throw parties!!
Craft the Harvest Party to start the Harvest Festival.
Place the Harvest Plot
Rewards : 1000  20 

Harvest Decor: 2 of 10

Have Fall Wreaths to decorate your Kingdom
Visit the Duke to check how other kingdoms decorate for Harvest. Tend 5 Flowers in your kingdom to finish decorating.
Rewards : 1000  20 

Autumn Feast: 3 0f 10

Have Carrots to prepare a meal.
Get Chicken Meat for the feast.
Complete the construction of your Harvest Plot.
Rewards : 1500  30 

Touch of Fall: 4 of 10

Have Wool to help keep warm on Autumn nights.
Place a group of Pumpkins in your kingdom to liven up the area.
Collect Bottles of Milk so the harvest can have drinks that are farm fresh.
Rewards : 1000  20 


Light The Way: 5 of 10

Craft a Harvest Lantern to light up the festival at night!

Place Fall Fences in your kingdom so no one strays off the path at night!
Collect 3 times from the Harvest Plot to get freshly picked food!
Rewards : 1500  30 

A Perfect Mess: 6 of 10

Have 1 Smelling Salts to revive the swooning ladies.
 Have Yellow Feathers for confetti.
Upgrade you Harvest Plot so it can grow more food!
Rewards : 1500  30 

More Masquerade: 7 of 10

Make sure you are having a Harvest Party to find the hunk!
Place the cart of corn oin your Kingdom so you can collect more vegetables.

Have Kettle Bells so you can exercise and grow muscles.
Rewards : 1500  30 

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Feast of Fall: 8 of 10

Craft 1 Grand Banquet to start a feast.
Craft a Harvest Mask so your can attend the next Harvest Dance
Collect 3 times from the Harvest Plot
Rewards : 1750  35 

On that Note: 9 of 10

Visit neighbors to discover the whereabouts of the lost musicians.
The musicians will need their instruments. Get 2 Cellos to hear the music.
Upgrade your Harvest Plot one final time so you can collect a true cornucopia of food!
Rewards : 1500  30 

Last Dance: 10 of 10

Craft a Dance Pavilion, Start the Party and search for the Mysterious Man.
Craft the Fall House to celebrate the season
Craft 3 Berry Scones to finish the night with a great dessert!

Rewards : 1750  35  1 

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