ChefVille: Cheats and Tips to LEVEL UP FASTER!

CHEFVILLE: Have you been having getting sauce in the kitchen of Chefville? We have been enjoying this new addition to the facebook gaming family and want to help you out! Here are some easy TIPS to help you Level Up Faster in your new fav game! Check it out!

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  1. Leveling Up: Every time you level up, check your marketplace for new items you can now purchase. As your level increases, you can place more tables, counters, grills and more so take advantage!
  2. Get a Second Grill: As soon as you are able to buy another grill, do it! Utilize one grill for dishes that take long periods of time, and the other for short, quick dishes.
  3. VIP Services: While it is nice getting the extra money for VIP services, it is more efficient to use your energy for gathering ingredients.
  4. Close Your Cafe: If you want to actually close, simply remove all of the tables by storing them. This will give you the time to stock up on dishes to serve.
  5. The Rewards in Roses: The most important, but most difficult good to collect is your roses. You get them from the Rose Stand (Supples –> Services). However, you only get 3 every 8 hours. Each time a rose is given to a customer, you are given a “thumbs up” recommendation. Recommendations are required to complete goals with a goal already seeking 20 Roses! It is recommended that you ask friends, and try to collect as often as possible!
  6. Watch Your Ingredients! Make sure you are collecting regularly so you won’t run out but don’t gather too many either. There is a maximum amount for each ingredient which is pretty low. For example, you can hold up to 15 tomatoes, but you will use them quickly.
  7. Make a Garden! Try placing all of your ingredients together, like a garden! This makes them way easier to keep track of as far as harvesting and saves time.
  8. Wild Ingredients: These are those such as the “Wild Onions” and “Wild Button Mushrooms”. You seem to run out of these ingredients the quickest, but these are the only ingredients with an infinitent amount of collects. It is better to collect these from your friends, and leave the ones on your land alone. This way, you can get onions from ALL of your friends, while if you collect them on your land, you only can get your own. Make sense?
  9. Regrowing: Wild Onions will regrow over time, but it has yet to be seen if the same is for the mushrooms. Leave a grassy area free of flooring to give them space to regrow.
  10. Using the Mixer: If you are stocked up well on your ingredients, invest in some sauces or making dough with the mixer. These will allow you to expand your menu items by being able to cook more dishes!

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