CastleVille : Discover how to unlock the royal lighthouse

CastleVille : Discover how to unlock the royal lighthouse. Last week we found some unreleased images about a new royal building called the  royal lighthouse . First of all, we believe that new quest on the sea will be released very soon ! What’s the point to have a lighthouse if it’s to watch boats sealing around our kingdom !  :). We have listed for you all  the materials required to build the royal lighthouse to help you out to anticipate.

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In few days we believe that this new royal building will be avalaible to all. We ll have to gather all this new materials  listed below in order to build it. We will be able to add 300 castle point to our kingdom and this new royal building can be collected every 73 hours and we will earned 3050 coins  ! The downside of this new building it his unbelievable price ! it will cost 330 000 coins !

Ingredient to prepare : 10 goldbric, 10 stone blocks, 3 candles,8 spyglass

What do you think of this new royal building ?