CastleVille : + 3 new quest with Altastair !! [ Unreleased ]

As you know at LevlupCity, we only give you exclusive info about unreleased quest or items ! So get ready to get this quests done in no time thanks to our great Post :) . If you need free energy , you just have to visit our Link Exchange !

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  A Fortunate Ward Quest Wards: 1 of 3

  •     Complete the Hex Protection ward by crafting Bottles of Curse Begone.
  •     Feed 10 animals to make sure the curses aren’t affecting them.
  •     Fish in 2 ponds to make certain there are no cursed fishes in them.

Rewards: 1000  20 

Incense Research Quest Wards: 2 of 3

  •     Task 1 : Craft Fonts of Sweet Air to protect your Kingdom against the curse of Odoramus Flatulatus.
  •    Task 2 : Protect against an outbreak of Rudeimo Jerkfaceicus by crafting Charm Candles.
  •     Task 3 : Visit 1 neighbors to make sure that their Kingdoms aren’t suffering from curses too.

Rewards: 1000  20 

Get Your Mojo Working Quest Wards: 3 of 3

Task 1 : Prevent the crippling Nerden Mongeek curse from infecting your Kingdom by crafting Mojo Bags.
Task 2 : Protect your Kingdom from the Disastroux Unfortunado curse by crafting Good Luck Totems.
Task 3 : Get something to seal the curses away with. Collect 15 Beeswax.
Rewards: 1000  20