CastleVille : + 12 Quest about Martha [ unreleased ]

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Meet Martha

  • visit your new Neighbor, Martha
  • perform {cnt2} Actions in Martha’s Kingdom.

Spring into Action

  • Craft {cnt1} Lemonade, a tasty spring beverage
  • Fill the Spring Spirit bar by crafting items in the Spring Gazebo
  • Build a Pavilion to host your party!

How Eggciting!

  • Have {cnt1} Eggs. We are going to need a bunch of them!
  • Have {cnt2} Pin Boards to allow our Easter Eggs to dry.
  • Craft the Spring Picnic in the Pavilion and place it to start the party.

Take Your Picnic

  • Craft Party Rewards in the Pavilion.
  • Craft the Giant Gilded Egg Party Reward from the Party Pavilion.
  • Visit {cnt3} Neighbors to find out if they have an active Spring Party.


  • Place and build the Spring Gazebo.
  • Have {cnt2} Crepe Papers to make the cutest little handmade carrots
  • Craft {cnt3} Egg Dye. We will need it to make some Easter Eggs!

Cooped Up

  • Feed {cnt1} Chickens.
  • Harvest {cnt2} Carrots for the bunnies.
  • craft the Bunny Pants Prize from the Pavilion. While we are feeding bunnies we should look like one

Scrambling Around

  • Craft {cnt1} Quiches
  • Have {cnt2} Southwest Egg Scrambles.

Thanks A Brunch

  • Have {cnt1} Linen to make some napkins
  • Craft more items in the Spring Gazebo to unlock the Brunch Party!
  • Craft the Brunch Party

Hippity Hoppity

  • Have {cnt1} Chocolate Bunny Molds. You’ll need these.
  • Craft {cnt2} Chocolate Bunnies. Always a great party centerpiece.
  • Craft the Bunny Ears Prize from the Pavilion

Feast Time

  • Craft more items in the Spring Gazebo to unlock the Spring Feast!<
  • Craft the Spring Feast party.
  • Visit {cnt3} Neighbors to look for more Easter Eggs. Ones with an active Spring Party would be a good choice


  • Continue to collect taxes from buildings to get more coins.
  • uy a Royal Spa and place it in your Kingdom
  • Have {cnt3} Fluffy Bath Robes to make this place a girl’s dream-come-true!