Empires and Allies : New series of mini quest !

A new serie of mini quest should be released very soon in addition to the one that we announced yesterday . We are going to have a busy week ;) Please Keep in mind that you can level up so much faster by exchanging your links here !


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Materials have not been activated by Zynga ! 

  • Build {total} Barracks IV
  • Inflict {total} damage with Kodiak EXO Infantry Units.
  • Collect {total} Polariscopes
  • Build the Engineering Office Government Structure.
  • Have {total} Population.
  • Collect {total} Drafting Tables.
  • Build {total} Shipyard IV
  • Inflict {total} damage with Narwahl Gunboat Units.
  • Collect {total} Refractometers
  • Build the Satellite Tracking Center Government Structure.
  • Have {total} Population.
  • Collect {total} Satellites.
  • Build {total} Hangar IV
  • Inflict {total} damage with Tiger Moth Fighters.
  • Collect {total} Pendulum Impact Testers.