Empires and Allies : New missions are coming very soon [ Unreleased ]

EXCLUSIVE : Discover the new serie of missions ! They are coming very soon. We tried to give you as much details as possible. Don’t forget that if you are mission some material you can get some more here for FREE


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Partie 1 

  • Collect {total} Private Investigators.
  • Collect from {total} neighbors’ houses.
  • Inflict {total} damage to enemy units.
Partie 2 
  • Collect {total} Spectrum Analyzers to locate the signal.
  • Use {total} {rare} to modify the Analyzers.
  • Repel {total} Player Invasions to protect the search teams.
Partie 3 
  • Collect {total} Policev Reports to pressure
  • Use {total} Air Strike II Power-Ups to show we mean business.Collect {total} Coffee Mugs to give as presents.
Partie 4
  • Collect {total} Coffee Mugs to give as presents.
  • Harvest {total} Wheat to make cookies.
  • Defeat the pirates harassing the locals.
Partie 5
  • Collect {total} Nitrous Tanks to speed up our fleet.
  • Speed Up {total} Neighbor Shipyards to get them to help.
  • Collect {total} Mastery Tokens.
Partie 6
  • Collect {total} Smoke Grenades to sneak up on LeChomp.
  • Build an Ambush Strike Team to protect our flank.
  • Defeat LeChomp’s fleet.
Partie 7
  • Collect {total} Carrier Pigeons to get a message to our men.
  • Collect {total} Red Hearts to keep spirits up.
  • Survive {total} waves in Survival Mode.
Partie 8
  • Collect {total} Detonators to light up LeChomp’s forces.
  • Collect {total} Joint Strike Maps to coordinate an attack.
  • Defeat LeChomp.