Empires and Allies: Discover the platinum units and a new set of missions!

Empires and Allies: Discover units platinum! They are beautiful and should be over-powerful! The released of these new units is coming with  a serie of missions you can find out now! Remember that you get ton of free gift here

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Part 1

  • Collect {total} pieces of Platinum Pipe.
  • Collect {total} Red Hearts to show your love of B.F. Dealio.
  • Send{total} Weapons Crates to B.F. Dealio.
Part 2
  • Collect {total} Hot Tubs, one for each guest room
  • Get {total} Tanning Booths, one for each floor.
  • Send {total} Weapons Crates to B.F. Dealio.
Part 3 
  • Collect {total} Platinum Salad Tongs for tossing guests’ salads.
  • Harvest {total} Pineapples.
  • Send {total} Weapons Crates to B.F. Dealio.
The other part of the tasks are not finished yet! They should’ be done by tomorrow morning… So we  will update this article as soon as possible:)