Empires and Allies: 6 new missions coming! + 2 exclusive rewards !

Discover an exclusive new set of mission with 2 exclusive rewards ! Remember that you can now get free mission’s item or energy this page Empires and Allies !

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Part 1

  • Gather {total} Recon Pilots to search for Ace’s base.
  • Collect {total} Bloodhounds to track him down.
  • Win {total} Battle Blitz fights to reach Ace’s inner sanctum.
Partie 2
  • Collect {total} of Ace’s Gambling Tickets.
  • Pay off Ace’s bookies by sending {total} {nrare2}.
  • Defeat the thugs trying to collect on Ace’s debts.
Part 3
  • Collect {total} Foreign Language CDs from your allies.
  • Speed Up {total} neighbor Barracks to enlist military intelligence.
  • Repel {total} PvP invasions to protect your researchers.
Part 4
  • Collect {total} Thermal Images to find the plant’s location.
  • Collect {total} Red Hearts to finesse information about Alchemy”.”
  • Use an EMP I Power-Up {total} times in combat to knock out security.
Part 5
  • Collect {total} Night Vision Binoculars to look for booby traps.
  • Build {total} Units with a Military discount greater than 10%.
  • Defeat the forces lying in wait.
Part 6
  • Collect {total} Handcuffs to take the Rogue Z operatives into custody.
  • Gather {total} Tranquilizer Darts to take out the guards.
  • Collect {total} Mastery Tokens as we defeat Alchemy’s minions.