CastleVille new set of missions : The Beastie Laboratory is coming !!! [ Unreleased ]

CastleVille New mission should be released during the day or by tomorow night ! Discover this new set of missions ! Get ahead now and anticipate as much as you can ! Don’t forget that you can level up faster using the CastlVille link exchange 


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CastleVille Goal :The Good Fight

  • Banish the {cnt1} Gloom Rats in your Kingdom.
  • Visit {cnt2} Neighbors to check and make sure they haven’t been overrun
  • Tend {cnt3} buildings in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms.

CastleVille Goal :Weird Science

  • Buy a Beastie Laboratory. You’re going to need it!
  • Construct the Beastie Laboratory. The quicker the better!
  • Gather materials and click on the foundation to complete it.

CastleVille Goal :Here, Beastie Beasties

  • Collect {cnt1} Gloom Rat Tails.
  • Craft {cnt2} Rat Decoy to help keep Beasties off your grass!
  • Place {cnt3} Rat Decoy far away from buildings and crops in your Kingdom.

CastleVille Goal :  Wolf’s Bane

  • Ask Friends for {cnt1} Longbows to help banish Beasties
  • Craft {cnt2} Silver Arrows, the bane of Gloom Wolves!
  • se {cnt3} Silver Arrows to Banish Gloom Wolves

CastleVille Goal : Morphing Time

  • Collect {cnt1} Thief’s Cloaks.
  • Craft {cnt2} Thief Morphers. This should be interesting!
  • Use {cnt3} Thief Morphers to turn Gloom Thieves into Chickens.

CastleVille Goal : Clucked Up

  • Ask friends for {cnt1} Chicken Feed.
  • Tend {cnt2} Chickens in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms
  • Craft {cnt3} Hard boiled Eggs with all the eggs you are now getting

CastleVille Goal : Secret Ingredient

  • Ask Friends for {cnt1} Philosopher’s Stones
  • Collect {cnt2} Gloom Goblin Ears
  • Craft {cnt3} Alchemist Powder – without blowing anything up

CastleVille Goal : WMBD

  • Have {cnt1} Alchemist Powder to make the Beastie Bomb.
  • Visit {cnt2} Neighbors to warn them about the noise
  • Use the Beastie Bomb to Banish all the Beasties in your Kingdom.

CastleVille Goal : All in the Mine

  • Collect from the Viking Mine {cnt1} times.
  • Have {cnt2} All Purpose Polish to shine the new rocks
  • Craft {cnt3} Workbench for conducting experiments

CastleVille Goal :Safety First

  • Collect {cnt1} Pails of Water to put out potential fires
  • Collect {cnt2} Stone Blocks to take cover behind.
  • Have {cnt3} Cotton to stuff in your ears

CastleVille Goal :Rune Away

  • Have {cnt1} Fire Runes to test.
  • Chop trees {ct2} times to gather firewood.
  • Craft {cnt3} Leather Apron in the Studio to protect against burns

CastleVille Goal : Fallout

  • Visit {cnt1} Neighbors to apologize for the surprise explosion.
  • Earn {cnt2} Coins to help pay for the damage… or new underpants!
  • Place {ct3} Nature items to cover any scorch marks

CastleVille Goal : Mine Crafting

  • Have {cnt1} Whetstones to grind up the Fire Runes.
  • Craft {cnt2} Boom Stick in the Workshop.
  • Use {cnt3} Boom Stick to blow up a rock!

CastleVille Goal :What a Blast

  • Tend Neighbors’ Chickens {ct1} times. That blast gave them quite a scare!<
  • Place {cnt2} Rocks. We’re going to go through them faster now!
  • Sell {ct3} Iron Picks. Who needs ‘em now

CastleVille Goal :Mine Sweep

Place {cnt1} Wood Fences to secure the Viking Mine
Craft {cnt2} Super Clobbers for banishing Beasties
Be ready to defend the Viking Mine… you never know what might show up!