CastleVille : Dicover the inn and Out: Quest and A Pet For George: [ Unreleased ]

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CastleVille : Dicover the inn and Out: Quest  [ Unreleased ]

CastleVille:  Inn the Details

  • Place and Construct the Royal In (The Royal Inn is located in your inventory. Place the foundation and click on it to begin constructing it.) 
  • Have {count3} Wood Logs for fire fuel. (Click on trees or Lumber Camps to gather Wood Logs.)
  • Collect {count2} Bellows to help get a fire going.Ask friends for Bellows)
CastleVille:   Inn-Side
  • Craft an Oven for your Royal Inn so it can serve breakfast- Craft an Oven at the Workshop.
  • Provide a complete crew for the Royal Inn. nvite friends to serve as crew in your Royal Inn..
  • Click on the Inn to see if it meets your expectations. Click on the Royal Inn when it is ready to collect taxes
CastleVille Shelter from the Storm
  • Tend {count1} flowers in your Kingdom to create bouquets for the Grand Opening. Click on flowers to tend, but be wary of the bee
  • Collect {count2} Wash Basins so guests don’t have to use the river. Ask friends for Wash Basins.
  • Have {count3} Bottle of Milk for breakfast in the morning.Click on adult Cows to collect Milk Bottles.
CastleVille : Such Sweet Sorrow
  • Craft {count1} Rope to help Kathleen lead her livestock home. Craft Rope at the Workshop
  • Harvest {count2} Carrots for Kathleen’s travel snack. She loves Carrots.Plant Carrots on Farm Plots and Harvest them when they are ready
  • Tend {count3} Animals in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms while Kathleen shops for Sheep.Click on animals in neighbor Kingdoms to Tend them
CastleVille Quinn Comes Inn
  • Harvest {count1} Tomatoes for Quinn. You just can’t find them on the road these days. Plant Tomatoes on Farm Plots
  • Craft {count2} Wood Planks to make some temporary benches. Everyone wants to see Quinn perform. Craft Wood Planks in the Workshop.
  • Collect {count3} Honey to make some sweet party favors for your guests.Click on flowers to collect Honey.

Castleville Royal Inn Grand Opening

  • Visit {count1} Neighbors to pass out invitations to the Grand Opening.Click on your Neighbor’s portraits on the Neighbor Bar to visit them
  • Craft {count2} Grape Juice to serves at the Grand Opening. Craft Grape Juice in the Kitchen.
  • Have {count3} Bottle of Milk in case anyone brings cookies! Click on adult Cows to collect Milk Bottles
CastleVille Miner Problem
  • Collect {count1} Regal Hoes so Yvette can ”help” George out.Ask Friends for Regal Hoes
  • Harvest {count2} Cocoa for George and Yvette to snack on.Plant Cocoa and harvest them when they are ready. If you are at your inventory limit sell some!
  • Collect from the Viking Mine to check on Yvette and George. Click on the Viking Mine when it is ready to collect from it.

CastleVille Pig Out

  • Feed the Pig in your Kingdom {count1} times to make sure he can handle life in the Viking Mine; The Pig Yvette gave you is in your inventory. Click on it when it’s hungry to feed it.
  • Make {count2} Plates of Spaghetti for George and his friend to eat for lunch.You can make Spaghetti in your Kitchen after you build a Mill.
  • Collect from the Viking Mine to see how George and his new friend are doing Click on the Viking Mine when it is ready to collect from it 
CastleVille Proper Care
Help George take Skippy on a walk by visiting {count1} Kingdoms; Click on the Neighbor Bar to visit Neighbors
Collect {count2} Pails of Water to help George bathe Skippy; Collect Pails of Water by Fishing
Clean up {count3} of Skippy’s ”Accidents”.when you feed Skippy somtimes he has an accident
CastleVille What Also Floats
Have {count1} Rope to make sure you have enough to reach the bottom of the Pond.Craft Rope in the Workshop
Craft {count2} Leather to make a harness to help you pull Skippy out of the Pond.Craft in the Leather in the Studio.
Click on a Pond {count3} times to go swimming and find Skippy! Tend your Pond to go swimming and see if you can retrieve Skippy.
CastlevIlle Good Night Skippy
Harvest {count1} Wheat to make a comfy bed for SkippyPlant Wheat and harvest it when it is ready
Have {count2} Milk so Skippy can have something to drink before he goes to bed.Tend adult Cows to collect Milk
Have {count3} Pieces of Sheet Music so Yvette can sing Skippy a lullaby.Ask Friends for Piece of Sheet Music.