Adventure World : Discover the Zoology tent and the 4 new missions [ Unreleased ]

Ask Now some of the materials for the up coming mission which are not been released yet ! Get Ahead and share the good news with your frien !

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  • Ask friends for Tough Vines to build bridges
  • Build vine bridges to recover supplies.
  • Recover Zoology Caches.
  • Collect Outpost Materials
  • Use Tent Sites to build the outpost
  • Use the Generator to power the outpost.
  • Collect Pink Flower Pollen
  • Collect Blue Flower Pollen.
  • Collect Orange Flower Pollen
  • Use Medicine Table to Make Mixtures

 Zoology ocelot Mission

  • Ask friends for Jungle Catnip.
  • Use Scratched Logs to plant the Jungle Catnip
  • Collect Ocelot Hairballs.
  • Investigate Ocelot Tracks
  • Use Ram Horns to scare Jaguars
  • Find Emily’s Journal
  • Collect Emily’s Journal Pages

Golden river mission  mission

  • Use the First Master Keyhole
  • Use the Second Master Keyhole.
  • Use the Third Master Keyhole.
  • Recover the Egyptian Map piece.
  • Ask Friends for Llama Dye
  • Dye the Llamas to their original color.
  • Gather 30 pieces of wood.
  • Damn the lagoon to protect the village
  • Ask Friends for 12 Specimen Jars.
  • Collect 6 Golden Beetles
  • Collect 6 Golden Leaves.

Dig site Mission 

  • Ask for Repair Kits
  • Use the Mega Driller 9000 to repair it.
  • ctivate the Mega Driller 9000.
  • Enter the Library entrance
  • Ask for Repair Kit
  • Use Damaged Machinery to make repairs
  • Clear dirt piles