Empires & Allies: New Turkish Units and Missions – Ask for Materials NOW!

Empires & Allies: New Turkish units and new Missions – ask for materials NOW!  This new series of missions should be conducted in two steps! The first can be discovered now but the other part is still a mystery! Once we know more we will let you know -trust us! Remember that you can get the materials on this page for free

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Click on these objects NOW to ask for them!! 



Empires & Allies Mission Part 1

  • Retrieve delicious Turkish sweets (available)
  • Harvest pumpkins on your farms
  • Finish the Air Force’s training exercises
Empires & Allies Mission Part 2
  • Retrieve cutlass replica (not available)
  • Collect the treasures of several government structures
  • Set the mood in the army ranks and complete the army’s training exercises
Empires & Allies Mission Part 3
  • Invade neighbors using land units
  • Obtain neighbors coins
  • Harvest chili peppers

Empires & Allies Mission Part 4

  • Survive waves in survival mode
  • Retrieve belt replicas (available)
  • End the year’s naval training
These materials aren’t available yet, but they will be the next to ask for!