Empire & Allies: Another NEW series of missions is coming! (Get Ahead!)

Another NEW series of missions is coming within a few days! We don’t know all of the details yet but here is what to do to get ahead and avoid having to wait! Some of these objects can also be obtained on the Link Exchange Page. And remember to join our Facebook Page!

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  • Visit Neighbors X times to gather rumors.
  • Collect X Tracking Devices to monitor the suspect’s moves.
  • Gather X Satellite Spy Photos of the suspect’s island.
  • Build X Gunboats to transport raiding party.
  • Gather X Disguises to sneak into their Parliament Building.
  • Fight a player’s personal bodyguards.
  • Harvest X Chili Peppers to get a player talking
  • Collect X Background Bios on a player
  • Fend off rescue mission.
  • Send X to flood the market.
  • Gather X to bring out speculators.
  • Gather X Email Hacking Devices to track down seller.
  • Collect X Red Hearts to earn X’s trust
  • Gather X Diplomatic Visas to meet with their ambassadors.
  • Harvest X Pineapple as a diplomatic gift.
  • Collect X Mastery Tokens as a show of strength.
  • Build an Ambush Strike Team in case of retaliation.
  • Collect X Rappel Ropes to enter their Executive Mansion.
  • Send X Wood to pay off a player’s debt.
  • Send X Coins to pay off a player’s debt.
  • Collect X Armored Transports to deliver the payoff.
  • Collect X Mission Plans from Allies.
  • Gather X Joint Strike Maps for the mission.
  • Eliminate BF Dealio’s blockade.