Adventure World: New Indiana Jones Tent for New Gadgets!

Adventure World: New Indiana Jones Tent for New Gadgets!  Check out the new Indiana Jones tent in Adventure World- EXCLUSIVELY on LevelUpVille! Why a new tent? What is it? Read our article to learn more about this new feature available very soon!

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Adventure World: New Indiana Jones Tent for New Gadgets!

Nothing stays the same in Indiana Jones Adventure World! Every week there are more changes and additions!


The new tent will help you start new missions. It’ll allow for the manufacture of four new handy gadgets that will make us save energy! Each gadget has its own function and should be used in three new Indiana Jones missions – you can already begin to ask for your teammates here!


Indy’s Tent serves to construct gadgets against Beasties:

(For the moment we can make 4 Gadgets but more are soon to come!)


Indiana Jones Adventure World Bear Trap

  • Bear Traps are used to damage Beasties

Indiana Jones Adventure World Grease

  • Grease is used to lubricate pushblocks (and should therefore allow you to save energy)

 Indiana Jones Adventure World Snake Bait

  • Snake Bait is used to attract hungry Snakes.

 Indiana Jones Adventure World Poison Snake Bait

  • Poison Snake Bait is used to damage hungry Snakes.