Adventure World: 5 NEW Missions with Indiana Jones, Get Ahead NOW!

Indiana Jones is finally beginning to appear! This is the first time since the release of the game that Indiana Jones is present in the missions. We’ve already given you two links to ask for materials and crew for two missions! There are now two other missions that will include Indiana Jones:) That’s something to prepare for!

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Adventure World Indy Calender Mystery Part 1

  • Investigate the skeletons outside the doors
  • Ask Friends for Compass Rose Seeds
  • Use Fertile Soil to Plant Compass Rose Seeds
  • Get Crystal Compass Plans from each Marker

Adventure World Indy Calender Mystery Part 2

  • Investigate the Dodo Bird
  • Investigate the Red-throated Wood Rail Bird
  • Investigate the Great Auk Bird

Adventure World Indy Calender Mystery Part 3

  • Investigate the Abandoned Camp
  • Investigate the Campfire
  • Get the Villain’s Journal
  • Place Poison Snake Bait near the Camp

Adventure World Indy Calender Jungle Approach Part 1

  • Use Statue Trap disarms
  • Use Spear Trap disarms
  • Use Whip Swings
  • Investigate the final Standing Stone

Adventure World Indy Calender Jungle Approach Part 2

  • Recover the Extinct Flower
  • Recover the Extinct Fern
  • Recover the Extinct Shrub

Adventure World Indy Calender Jungle Approach Part 3

  • Find the Society Supply Crate
  • Ask for Rubber Stoppers
  • Use Snake Burrows to apply Rubber Stoppers

Adventure World Moon Temple 1

  • Enter the Moon Goddess Temple
  • Use the Altar
  • Find Forrestal’s camp

Adventure World Moon Temple 2

  • Find the Moon Goddess Statue’s arms
  • Find the Moon Goddess Statue’s torso
  • Find the Moon Goddess Statue’s head
  • Use the Statue to assemble it!

Adventure World Moon Temple 3

  • Ask for Concrete
  • Use a Compass Pedestal to illuminate the path
  • Ask for Chains
  • Use a Compass Pendulum to point the way.